Preservation Texas (PT) is a private, nonprofit member-supported organization dedicated to protecting the historic resources of Texas.  It was incorporated in 1985 with the following corporate purposes:

  1. To serve as an auxiliary to all agencies of the State of Texas concerned with our history, heritage, and the preservation and maintenance of significant areas, sites, buildings, monuments, and artifacts, and
  2. To acquire, by purchase, gift, devise or bequest, with or without restriction, and to preserve, restore, maintain and present to the public those areas, sites, buildings, monuments, artifacts, documents, and objects which are significant in the history, prehistory, archaeology, architecture, heritage and culture of Texas, and
  3. To disseminate knowledge of the history, prehistory, heritage and culture of Texas, and
  4. To engage in historical and archaeological research on the activities of past Texans, and
  5. To foster, encourage and develop a general appreciation and understanding of the accomplishments of past generations of Texans in order that the lives of present and future generations may be enriched.

PT is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board meets quarterly and accomplishes the work of the organization with six standing committees: Advocacy, Board Development, Executive, Finance, Organizational Visibility and Resource Development.

Some of our annual programs include:

  1. Annual Honor Awards Program serves the valuable purpose of encouraging the preservation of Texas’ significant historic sites by recognizing worthy efforts and projects. Preservation Texas honors individuals, government officials, businesses, organizations and news media that have made significant contributions to preservation efforts in Texas.
  2. Most Endangered Places (MEP) Program, initiated in 2003, focuses attention on, and encourages appreciation of, Texas’ threatened historic properties. Through the MEP Program, PT provides services to at-risk historic properties by leveraging and fostering partnerships, coordinating assistance, ranging from advocacy and technical services, and helps empower stewards of the MEP sites.
  3. Preservation Day and Preservation Summit.  During most State legislative sessions, PT hosts Preservation Day, a series of educational and advocacy sessions. The Preservation Summit is an opportunity to identify issues related to the preservation of the historic built environment, develop strategic approaches and solutions to the issues, and to cultivate partnerships across the state.
  4. Working with a grassroots network, PT provides a unified voice for historic preservation in Texas. This is accomplished using an e-Advocacy network that reaches thousands of people in an instant with important news alerts and legislative updates