Quiroz House (c. 1897)

2518 Church Street, Galveston, Galveston Co.

Owner: Mary Quiroz | Architect: Ford, Powell & Carson, Architects and Planners, Inc. and Mainstream Architects, Inc.
Original Builder/Craftsman: Peter John Vautrin

In 2008 Hurricane Ike struck Galveston Island. Relief money poured into the island in the form of repair and rehabilitation programs. Without guidance, recovery might have come at the expense of Galveston’s rich built heritage. Fortunately, the City worked with local and statewide preservation organizations and the General Land Office to promote sensitive repairs and compatible new construction. The rehabilitation of the Quiroz House represents the best of those efforts.

The Quiroz House has stood on Church Street since the 19th century while downtown Galveston grew up around it. The original stepping block to board a carriage still remains out front along the street and mythological faces sculpted into the porch still protect the house from evil spirits.

As part of its rehabilitation, the foundation was leveled, structural framing was repaired and the roof was replaced. All flooring was refurbished and the exterior siding was replaced in the areas that were too damaged to save. The original front and rear stairs were preserved and worked into the new decking of the porches. On the doors and porches carpenters hand crafted trim to match the original detail.

The rehabilitation included the installation of HVAC and ADA accessibility to accommodate 82-year-old Mary Quiroz. Maintaining the house while maintaining her ability to live there is the true testament to the success of this project.