M&L Transfer & Storage Warehouse (c. 1916)

202 South Arthur Street, Amarillo, Potter Co.

Federal Tax Credits

Owner: Davidson Oil Co. | Architect: Charles Lynch, AIA

Amarillo is a railroad town and there are many fine warehouses along the rail corridors. The M&L Transfer & Storage Warehouse is one such structure.

M&L is the oldest family owned moving and storage warehouse facility in Amarillo, formed in 1908 in the days of horse drawn wagons. The main warehouse, built in 1916, now has a new life as the home of the Davidson Oil Family of Companies.

The new offices to show the bones of the warehouse with exposed brick walls, the original wood frame, corrugated metal and wood salvaged from the original warehouse shelves. Three of the four original skylight openings in the mezzanine remain and bring natural light to the interior. A dramatic stairway uses railroad track along the sides as a reference to the nearby train tracks. A cattle tank was used to create a massive ceiling element in the main entryway. Lanterns are recycled vents. Corrugated metal forms the mezzanine conference room, and woven strips of metal create a basket-weave texture as a divider between the stairway and the call center.

Not only did the owners preserve a fine old building and put it to good use, they are also inspiring developers to take a second look at these well-built buildings in downtown Amarillo where preservation is finally taking hold.