Herff Homestead (c. 1883)

140 City Park Road, Boerne, Kendall Co.

National Register of Historic Places

Owner: Cibolo Nature Center & Farm | Architect: Alamo Architects

One of Preservation Texas’ Most Endangered Places in 2010, the Herff Homestead has been carefully restored through the efforts of the Cibolo Nature Center & Farm, an organization dedicated to protecting the Cibolo Conservation Corridor.

Built in 1883 by Ferdinand and Mathilde Herff, the Herff Homestead was the center of a large farm near the newly established town of Boerne. Though the farm decreased in size over the years, the house and surrounding buildings were maintained for more than a century before the last inhabitant passed away and they fell into disrepair. The Friends of the Cibolo Wilderness purchased the farm in 2007 and spent years rehabilitating the Homestead as a learning center, carefully restoring the house while fighting battles to protect the property from sprawling, unchecked suburban development.

Opening to the public in 2014, the Herff Homestead serves as an anchor for the surrounding land, which is being transformed into a learning center where sustainable living practices and the stewardship of nature are celebrated.