El Paso History TV

El Paso, TX

Texas Media Award

This award recognizes outstanding media coverage of historic preservation issues, projects and local history.

We have produced 68 TV stories or long-form TV programs since January, 2013 about El Paso history and preservation. All but one are online for free public viewing at www.YouTube.com/ElPasoHistoryTV . Some are in English and Spanish, some are less than a minute, and several are hour-long events. See the October 15, 2013 program “Preserving the Architectural and Cultural Heritage of El Paso,” which runs almost 2 hours. We streamed it live online that day, and now have the show archived online. Also see December 14, 2013 one-hour TV webcast of the “B36 Crash Site Historic Marker Dedication.” It was a live online webcast originally, and is now archived on YouTube. I also produced a 1-hour TV documentary in 2013 called “Last Tour of the El Paso Smelter, Vol. 1 The Stacks” which aired on our local PBS station KCOS TV on July 24, 2014. It is now on DVD.

Our most recent upload is a Spanish version “Conserving Castner Range.” It is a helicopter tour of the largest Texas State Park, Franklin Mountains State Park, and how an adjacent former Army artillery range could be added to the park to permanently conserve and preserve its natural assets.

This online media project to promote El Paso history is unprecedented by a private commercial TV producer, and surpasses any commercial, private or government TV efforts in Texas that we know of to help preserve and promote local history. That effort deserves an award.

The media distribution form we use, YouTube, is also unprecedented for this type of information, and is not specifically listed in your examples of formats.

The DVD of the smelter can be mailed to you, but the bulk of our recent work is online for your review. If that is needed to be sent on a DVD please let me know. Otherwise, it is preferred that you review the videos online at www.YouTube.com/ElPasoHistoryTV . We have applied for grant funding, but so far, this is all volunteer work by a commercial TV producer.

Everyone is familiar with TV and YouTube. El Paso History TV on YouTube is a great way everyone can lean about our local history. Potential heritage tourists from everywhere can see details of possible destinations they might not have heard about otherwise. We are creating a new way to promote local history on TV.

We deserve the award for actually producing a permanent TV archive on El Paso history that has only just begun, and can be seen now by every computer user in the world. You will see that some of these videos already have views in the thousands. We are making a difference with a new way to use media to promote and preserve Texas history in El Paso.

You may determine that my business, Capstone Productions Inc., should be the applicant here. I own the company, and used it for free to produce the videos. My work was also donated, and I actually paid the reporters and cameramen I hired to produce some of he news reports and long-form TV programs.

I hope the attached JPEGS work to illustrate the menu of El Paso History TV, which shows the 62 video on YouTube. Please access the site to play the videos.

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