Bendit House (c. 1953)

4111 Drummond Street, Houston, Harris Co.

Owner: Martha and Steve Curry | Architect: Curry Boudreaux Architects
Original Designer/Architect: Lars Bang

Houston retains a rich modernist heritage thanks to a post-World War II-era building boom. However, many of its modern masterpieces have been lost to the wrecking ball; victims of public misperception about their aesthetic value and architectural importance.

Architect Lars Bang designed the extraordinary Bendit House, built in 1953 in the then-new Ayrshire subdivision in suburban Houston. Though heralded by local and national media, it was gradually forgotten as the one-story ranch houses that surrounded it were replaced by large-scale buildings, and the house underwent insensitive modifications which obscured much of its original conceptual clarity.

For the restoration, a complete roof replacement allowed for improved efficiency, while respecting the original skylights and detailing. All non-original surfaces were removed. Masonry was cleaned and repaired in place and exterior siding was restored or replicated. Original paneling was stripped of paint and restored with tinted stain. Period-correct fixtures and hardware were harvested from neighboring demolitions to contribute authentic detail. Now fully restored, the Bendit House also offers lessons beyond its historic significance, addressing directly energy efficiency, smaller scale living, and aging-in-place suitability.