Austin Historic Cemeteries Master Plan

Oakwood Cemetery (1839), Oakwood Cemetery Annex (1914), Evergreen Cemetery
(1928), Austin Memorial Park Cemetery (1927), Plummer Cemetery (c. 1898)
Austin, Travis Co.

National Register of Historic Places

Owner: City of Austin | Architect: AmaTerra Environmental, McDoux Preservation, John Milner Associates

Cemeteries are among the most valuable of historic resources. They are reminders of various settlement patterns and reveal information about historic events, religion, lifestyles and genealogy. That is why Preservation Texas listed Historic Texas Cemeteries to the Most Endangered Places list in 2006.

The City of Austin Historic Cemeteries Master Plan provides a long-term framework for the management and rehabilitation of the five municipally owned cemeteries within the City of Austin, Texas: Oakwood Cemetery, Oakwood Cemetery Annex, Plummers Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, and Austin Memorial Park Cemetery. This plan documents their development; examines their current condition; identifies and prioritizes challenges and needs; recommends treatment options; and presents a guide for implementing those recommendations. Further, the plan included a large-scale GIS-based digitization of cemetery maps as well as tree inventory and conditions. Additional recommendations relate to issues such as regulations, oversight, emergency preparedness, partnerships, programs and tourism. The Historic Cemeteries Master Plan serves as a model of cemetery management for communities across Texas. We encourage the City of Austin to continue its development and urge other communities to draw lessons from its creation and implementation.