Residential Teardowns in Inner-City Neighborhoods

Dallas, Dallas County

With bungalows, Tudor Revival styles as well as modern houses, Dallas’ early 20th century neighborhoods are experiencing a significant loss in residential fabric. Literally each week, houses are demolished to make way for new McMansions or houses taking advantage of the larger allowable building envelope.

The neighborhoods of Vickery Place, North Preston Hollow, and Lakewood Heights have lost as many as one-third of their older houses. The adjoining cities of Highland Park and University Park also are experiencing an alarming number of teardowns in some cases losing important architectural landmarks like the Howard Meyer designed house at 4400 Rheims Place. The City of Dallas is working with local preservationists and neighborhood organizations to abate the flood of demolitions with local zoning and land use planning tools. Despite these efforts, the demolitions continue at a steady pace throughout the Dallas area.