Lubbock Post Office and Federal Building

800 Broadway, Lubbock, TX 79401

The Lubbock Post Office and Federal Building is an elegant symbol of the federal government on the Texas’ South Plains. The building was completed in 1932 after years of politicking and struggles with the federal government to obtain a new post office due a dramatic growth in population. It wasn’t until after the federal government adopted the Public Buildings Act of 1926, that Lubbock received funds to construct a new post office and federal court. Civic leaders continued to petition Washington for use of local stone that was compatible with the adjacent, existing buildings. A compromise was agreed to and the result is the use o f both stone and brick for the building’s façade.

After the construction of a new federal building in 1968, the 1932 building was used for various county of fices. The building fell into disrepair and has been vacant since 1998. Leaks in the roof have damaged the ornate, decorative paintings, and historic courtroom ceiling. The cost to maintain the 28,000 square foot building is difficult for any municipality, especially during the current economy.

The restoration of the Lubbock Post Office and Federal Building can lead to many interesting and innovative possibilities for the community. Local preservationists, students, and the County hope that attention to the plight of this building will help preserve downtown Lubbock’s only surviving Classical Revival public building.

UPDATE: In 2015, Elm Tree Partners acquired the building with the intention of converting it into apartments and retail space. The developers say that they are committed to preserving the character of the building and hope to open in the summer of 2016.