Laguna Hotel

Cisco (Eastland County)

Cisco, Texas prospered in the 1920s in part due to its proximity to the Ranger Field, where an important discovery was made at McCleskey Well No. 1 on October 21, 1917.  As a commercial center and market town with an important railroad link for the transportation of supplies to the oil field, Cisco’s population grew as well as its capactiy to accommodate visitors.  The construction of the Laguna Hotel in 1929, designed by Dallas architects Thompson & Swain, stands as one of several hotels constructed in this boomtown era.

The Laguna Hotel represents the statewide opportunity to utilize the new Texas historic preservation tax credit, coupled with the federal historic preservation tax credit, to revitalize landmark hotels in towns big and small across Texas.  Whether used as hotels or adapted to new uses as offices or residences, early 20th-century hotels that stand vacant across the Texas landscape are ripe for renewal.  The restoration of the historic Hotel Settles in Big Spring is an example of how preservation investments in historic hotels can stimulate additional restoration efforts and bolster community pride.