English-German School

Cuero, DeWitt County

The English-German School was constructed in 1880 by the English-German School Association at 201 East Newman Street in Cuero, TX.  It is thought to have been the first school in Cuero and served as a school and held church services until it was sold in 1894 to Judge Edward Koenig. When Robert Mernitz acquired the property in 1911, the structure had already been renovated as a residence, and at this time it is believed to have consisted of eight rooms with a small pantry, a small front porch and a long back porch. During the time of Mr. Mernitz’ ownership of the property it was enlarged to thirteen rooms. Over the last few decades, the structure had fallen into ruin.

In 2014, the building was condemned by the City of Cuero and scheduled to be demolished. Earlier in 2013, Chisolm Trail Heritage Museum chairman Robert Oliver had begun discussions for the purchase of the structure with its owner which ultimately led to the donation of the old schoolhouse to the Museum if it would be saved and restored.  A historic structure report was completed in 2014, and the schoolhouse now sits on its new, permanent location behind the Museum at the corner of Courthouse and Terrell streets, awaiting restoration.