Camp Logan / Hogg Bird

Camp Logan / Hogg Bird Sanctuary (1917; 1958)

1 & 100 Westcott to S. Picnic Loop
Houston, Harris County

In 1917, Camp Logan was established in Harris County, and though only its foundations remain, its archaeological remnants are thought to be the most important  from a World War I era training camp in the United States. It is designated as a Texas State Archaeological Landmark. Later, Houston’s Memorial Park was established to honor the veterans who served there, and the acquisition of undeveloped land by the Hogg family led to the formal establishment of the Hogg

Bird Sanctuary in 1958.

Proposed changes along nearly 6,000 feet of Buffalo Bayou by the Harris County Flood Control District threaten archaeological resources from prehistory through the 20th century, while removing vegetation and putting at risk a riparian environment that is a vital part of the natural history of Houston.  Every effort should be made to restore Buffalo Bayou’s water system without irreparably damaging natural features and archaeological sites at Camp Logan and the Hogg Bird Sanctuary.