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Vanishing Adobes

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Vanishing Adobes Across Presidio County The “vanishing adobes” encompass some of the last remaining adobe buildings along the ancient Chihuahua Trail from Ciudad Chihuahua through West Texas. Early Anglo settlers constructed these buildings for settlement and trade using traditional building forms and materials. These sites include important archeological opportunities such as Alamo Ranch, one of… More »

Historic Buildings of Rio Grande City

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Historic Buildings of Rio Grande City Rio Grande City, Starr County Founded by Henry Clay Davis (1814-1866) in the mid-19th century, the earliest settled section of Rio Grande City is one of the state’s most architecturally significant communities along the Rio Grande. Tourists and businesses associated with NAFTA have in recent years begun to draw attention to… More »

Working Class Neighborhoods of Texas

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Working Class Neighborhoods All across Texas In the early 20th century, hundreds of neighborhoods developed in small and large Texas communities. Many of these neighborhoods were home to the working families of local industries and reflected the means and tastes of a generation of Texans. Neighborhoods typically consisted of a many residences, corner grocery stores… More »