Cultural Landscape Report Completed for Bassett Farms Conservancy

The preparation of a Cultural Landscape Report for the core acreage of Bassett Farms Conservancy has been completed by MIG, Inc. The site history was prepared by Preservation Texas staff. Funding for the report included a grant of $50,000 from the Still Water Foundation and $30,000 from the Texas Historical Commission’s Texas Preservation Trust Fund.
The cultural landscape report focuses on the core of the 2,400-acre property: the original Home Place (1871), the Blum Place (1887), and the Hirshfield Place (1897). MIG identifies and analyzes cultural landscape features and characteristics, making recommendations for their long-term treatment.
The report also recommends the listing of the entire property in the National Register of Historic Places, and summarizes the property’s significance as follows:
As a surviving and substantial visual record of the broad patterns of land settlement as well as the intricate details of development, Bassett Farms is a significant cultural landscape in the history of the region and of Texas. It reveals the way this landscape was settled and used on a daily, seasonal, or yearly basis. This cultural landscape tells the story of early settlers, the Reconstruction Era Freedom Colonies, and the ups and downs of this life from the mid-19th century through the mid-20th century. It is the record of the aspiration and challenges to establish a life — a good life — in a time and context that were never easy, yet clearly rewarding in many ways, and over time.