Texas Dance Hall Preservation Raises Over $250,000 for Dance Hall Relief

Texas Dance Hall Preservation raises over $250,000 for Dance Hall Relief

Austin, TX  –  Texas Dance Hall Preservation (TDHP) has closed fundraising in December for the Texas Dance Hall Relief Fund after exceeding its goal. Due to COVID-19, dance halls across Texas have been largely closed down since March 2020, with many forced to cancel annual festivals and fundraisers, countless weddings, and other events that provide their primary source of income. In August, TDHP invited 180 historic dance halls to apply for reimbursement of regular building expenses, such as insurance and utilities. Thirty-two halls applied, and TDHP announced total donations of $262,520 to assist these halls through this difficult time. One hundred percent of funds raised will go directly to dance halls.

One applicant, Michael Schlabach of the Ellinger Chamber of Commerce, said, This is like a godsend to us, it really is. When we saw that letter, it was like a gift. I don’t know what we’re gonna get, or what’s gonna happen, but it’s like ‘thank you Lord.’ I don’t know how much to thank y’all for organizing all of this. I know you understand what you’re doing, and I know you understand why you’re doing it; I don’t know if you know the magnitude, though, of how you’re helping. It’s tremendous.”

“We are thrilled to be able to help these halls with these funds. We know that this alleviates only a fraction of the financial loss they have endured, but it is our hope that this can help bridge these halls through to better days. TDHP will continue to work to support halls in whatever way we can so that they can all reopen, and we can come together as a community again. We’d like to thank all the donors from across the United States who made this possible,” said TDHP executive director Casey Jordan.

In addition to the Dance Hall Relief Fund, TDHP has increased its Preservation Fund Grant program for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 to help halls make much-needed repairs, such as updating electrical wiring and plumbing, while they are closed. Donations are being accepted for the Preservation Fund Grants on an ongoing basis at texasdancehall.org/donate.

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Texas Dance Hall Preservation, Inc., is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving historic dance halls and the authentic Texas heritage, music and culture found in them. Learn more at www.texasdancehall.org.