Advocacy Alert: SB 10 Restricts the Voices of Local Communities

This Advocacy Alert concerns Senate Bill 10.  The bill has been brought to our attention by community and organizational partners including the Texas Downtown Association (TDA) and is being referred to as the “community censorship bill.”

According to the TDA, this bill would prohibit cities from hiring lobbyists to advocate for their communities in the State Capitol.  The bill’s language could also prohibit municipalities from supporting statewide and local nonprofit associations that engage in advocacy on behalf of their members.

This bill is particularly important as state legislation continues to be proposed and enacted (for instance, HB 1474 with its limitations on historic districts) that restricts local control in favor of broad, statewide mandates that do not take into consideration the widely varying needs of local communities that are impacted by state legislation.

SB 10 is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday, April 6th before the Local Government Committee.  Citizens interested in communicating with committee members should use the following links below:

Senate Local Government Committee Members

Senator Paul Bettencourt, Chair – 512-463-0107

Senator Jose Menendez, Vice Chair – 512-463-0126

Senator Sarah Eckhardt – 512-463-0114

Senator Roland Gutierrez – 512-463-0119

Senator Bob Hall – 512-463-0102

Senator Robert Nichols – 512-463-0103

Senator Angela Paxton – 512-463-0108

Senator Drew Springer – 512-463-0130

Senator Judith Zaffirini – 512-463-0121