THC Seeks Input on Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds

The Texas Historical Commission may receive up to $12.3 million in federal funding to assist in addressing the impacts of Hurricane Harvey on significant historic properties. The agency is preparing an application to the National Park Service to secure these funds. The THC would like to hear from you regarding how funding for historic preservation can further your community’s recovery. Grants through this program are specific to damage directly from Hurricane Harvey and may include the following types of activities:

• Recovery and repair of publicly and privately owned historic properties and archeological sites.

— Eligible properties include historic districts, buildings, sites, structures and objects listed in or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.
–Work must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation.
— Grants cannot be used to match FEMA or other federal funding, or for work that is fully covered by insurance. Funds can be used to achieve a better preservation outcome, such as the cost difference to fully restore a historic feature rather than simply return to pre-disaster condition.
— Owners must be willing to list their property in the National Register of Historic Places, if not already listed, and must agree to a preservation easement of a duration based on the amount of the grant award.

• Planning activities that support disaster preparedness, response, and recovery at historic properties.

• Survey and inventory of historic properties to determine National Register eligibility, degree of damage, and provide preparedness for future disasters.

Projects must substantially mitigate the threat and include steps to mitigate future damage.

THC would like to better understand the unmet needs in your community. Are there historic properties that are not eligible for FEMA funding and/or were not insured at the time of the disaster? Do available funding sources leave gaps in fully addressing the needs of significant historic resources? Are sensitive archeological sites at risk of further damage in future storms? Does your community understand what properties are eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places to assist in shaping recovery activities for this and future disasters?

Call THC’s Division of Architecture at 512-463-6094 or email by August 10.