Legislative advocacy and working with local, state and national government agencies; providing statewide community outreach for proactive organizations; providing support and referrals to the public, educators and members about historic preservation.

Preservation Day
Statewide Advocacy day where people from all over Texas gather to learn about historic preservation priorities in Texas and visit their legislators. Held biennially in odd-numbered years in concurrence with the Texas legislative session.

Preservation Honor Awards
The popular annual award program serves the valuable purpose of encouraging preservation of Texas’ significant historic sites. Preservation Texas honors individuals, government officials, businesses, organizations and news media that have made significant contributions to preservation efforts in Texas.

Preservation Summit
Preserving Texas’ historic and cultural past is a continuous challenge. Beginning in 2008 and taking place every two years, Preservation Texas will host a summit for interested individuals and organizations from across the state. The Preservation Summit is an opportunity to identify issues related to the preservation of the historic built environment, develop strategic approaches and solutions to the issues, and to cultivate partnerships across the state. The Summit is not a conference with presentations and question/answer sessions; it is a dynamic format that is to be inclusive, to promote the exchange of preservation experiences, and is result based.

Texas’ Most Endangered Places Program
The purpose of Preservation Texas’ Endangered Properties Program is to equip individuals, nonprofit organizations and local communities with the resources to preserve individual residential and commercial structures for continued use, preserve neighborhoods and promote adaptive re-use of historic buildings.

Preservation Texas Roundtable
The Roundtable, which meets periodically for communication and training, is an affinity group for staff members of local preservation organizations.

Courthouse Exhibit
The purpose of the museum-quality, traveling courthouse exhibit is to increase awareness of Texas’ significant collection of historic county courthouses and the need for their restoration. Courthouses are the souls of Texas’ communities and form Texas’ identity. The courthouse exhibit is designed to educate the general public about courthouse preservation, Texas courthouse history, county government, architectural styles and settlement and history of Texas. The rental cost is $275 for a two-week period. The borrower pays transportation costs.

To schedule the exhibit, or for more information, contact Preservation Texas, 512.472.0102.

For more information on Preservation Texas’ projects and programs, please call 5121.472.0102 or email .