Preservation Texas, Inc. (PT) will, upon request, provide copies of its past three years’ Form 990s as well as its application for tax exempt status, or the Form 1023, for public inspection in the principal office, 4110 Guadalupe Street, Building 781 Room 506, Austin, TX 78751, during normal business hours.

All above-mentioned IRS forms are also available on-line on the PT website, www.preservationtexas.org; as well as GuideStar.

If copies of the forms are requested, PT will charge $1.00 for the first page and 20-cents for each additional page, plus the cost of postage, if applicable. Sensitive documents such as donor lists are not subject to inspection. Requests made in person will be filled in the same working day, provided staff is scheduled to be in the office; a request in writing will be fulfilled within 30 days.

Only in the event of a harassment campaign will PT be exempt from complying with IRS rules. If PT fails to comply, the organization and the executive director would be subject to penalties under Code Section 6652 (c)(1)(C) and (D).

Adopted this date, April 20, 2013.