Legislative Priorities

2017 Texas Legislative Session Advocacy Priorities

At its board meeting on August 12, 2016 in Marshall, the Board of Directors of Preservation Texas adopted the following advocacy priorities for the 2017 Texas Legislative Session. Additional priorities may be adopted by the Board of Directors in the months ahead as legislation is filed and other issues of statewide importance are raised.

  1. Fund the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program, including a $20M base budget request and a $21.2M exceptional item for deferred maintenance.
  2. Protect state historic preservation tax credits, opposing legislation that would uncouple the state credit from federal standards putting historic interiors at risk and supporting the implementation of SB1316 that made historic preservation a priority in awarding housing tax credits.
  3. Protect state landmarks, ensuring that future planning for the Austin State Hospital and Alamo Plaza do not result in the demolition of historic structures listed on or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.
  4. Fund preservation needs at state historic sites, including sites owned by Texas Parks & Wildlife and an exceptional item request of $1.5M for Texas Historical Commission sites.
  5. Fund state heritage tourism programs, including an exceptional item request of $4.6M for the Texas Historical Commission.