HB 3418 Hearing Tuesday April 11th

HB 3418, which puts existing local historic district ordinances at risk, is scheduled for a public hearing on Tuesday, April 11th before the Urban Affairs Committee.  (You can read more about the bill here).

The Urban Affairs Committee Hearing will take place in Austin in the Captiol Extension, room E2.028.

The meeting begins at 10:30 am or upon final adjournment/recess.  Click here for the official notice of the meeting.

HB 3418 is last on the list of bills to be heard, although the order in which bills are taken up is subject to change – it could come earlier, or it could come very late.  It will be a long day if that is the case, but the strong participation in the hearing will be very important.

Three ways to engage directly:

1. The very best way is to come to the hearing in Austin to provide in-person testimony to the committee about how this bill would impact your community.  Oral testimony is limited to three minutes in length.   (Perhaps there someone in your community who can come if you cannot?)

2. Provide written testimony at the hearing instead of oral testimony, however, someone must still be present at the hearing who will register to speak and instead of speaking distribute copies of the testimony to the committee members and committee staff (bring ten copies).

3. E-mail letters  directly to each committee member with a copy to the committee staff (e-mail addresses below).  It can’t hurt to copy your local representative if they are not on the Urban Affairs Committee.  Your letter will be placed in a committee file and there is no guarantee that the legislators will read it.  Remeber that in order for your input to be incorporated into the official public testimony, it must be given orally or presented in writing in person at the hearing in Austin on Tuesday.

Here is the contact information for the Urban Affairs Committee:

Rep. Carol Alvarado (Chair), District 145 (Houston)




Rep. Jeff Leach (Vice-Chair), District 67 (Plano)




Rep. Diego Bernal, District 123 (San Antonio)




Rep. Gary Elkins, District 135 (Houston)




Rep. Jason Isaac, District 45 (Dripping Springs)




Rep. Jarvis Johnson, District 139 (Houston)




Rep. Bill Zedler, District 96 (Arlington)




Committee staff should be copied on e-mailed position statements:


Oscar Aguilar, Urban Affairs Committee