Bloomburg State Bank Building

Bloomburg, Cass County

Representing all historic endangered bank buildings in Texas. Bloomburg State Bank, organized as the only bank in Bloomburg in 1908, moved into its newly constructed three-story building in 1916. The “new” three-story bank was and is the tallest building in Cass County and housed the telephone office and the Masonic Lodge. At one time, the bank served counties in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. After the owner of the building gave it to the City in 1968, the City considered it a liability and planned to demolish it. Concerned citizens purchased the building for $1.00 to save it from demolition. Vacant for 20 years, the building is deteriorating due to lack of funds to properly repair it.

Bank buildings were important early structures because they were located at the heart of the town and represented an established and prosperous community. Partly because of the same drive to convey growth and prosperity, however, many Texas banks have been compelled to build larger and more modern facilities, demolishing or abandoning their historic buildings. Stripped of their purpose and their prideful place in the community, vacated historic banks like this one in Bloomberg often become the victims of neglect.