Rehabilitation of San Antonio’s Plaza de Armas Buildings to Receive 2016 Honor Award


February 11, 2016

Austin, Texas — Preservation Texas, Inc. has announced that the rehabilitation of the Plaza de Armas Buildings in San Antonio, Texas will receive a 2016 Honor Award for Rehabilitation on February 18, 2016.  The Honor Award will be presented at a special ceremony at the historic State Theatre on Congress Avenue in Austin as part of the Preservation Texas 2016 Summit.


Located on Military Plaza, the Plaza de Armas Buildings are a set of four structures built in the late 19th century but combined into one office complex in 1979.  The City of San Antonio purchased the buildings in 1987.  The goal of the award-winning rehabilitation project was to renovate the buildings to house the Offices of Cultural Affairs and Communications and Public Affairs.

While the exterior remained largely unchanged, a modern, unsympathetic addition at the rear of the building was removed, a new roof was installed and masonry was repointed.  Inside, city offices were created on the second floor with retail, television studios and a multipurpose spaces at street level.  Masonry party walls and wood floor joists were left exposed on the interior wherever possible to highlight the historic construction technology of the building.

“The investment by the City of San Antonio in this project affirms the wisdom of the adaptive use of historic structures,” said Preservation Texas executive director Evan Thompson.  “The rehabilitation of the Plaza de Armas Buildings shows that San Antonio’s old buildings can continue to evolve along with the city itself.”

Ford, Powell & Carson Architects and Planners, Inc. were architects for this City of San Antonio-owned project.

Founded in 1985, Preservation Texas is a member-supported non-profit historic preservation advocacy and education organization based in Austin, Texas.  The organization does not receive any government funding.  

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