Reconstruction of Kiest Park Pergola in Dallas to Receive 2016 Honor Award


February 11, 2016

Austin, Texas — Preservation Texas, Inc. has announced that the reconstruction of the Kiest Park Pergola in Dallas, Texas will receive a 2016 Honor Award on February 18, 2016.  The Honor Award will be presented at a special ceremony at the historic State Theatre on Congress Avenue in Austin as part of the Preservation Texas 2016 Summit.


In the 1930s, Edwin Kiest, publisher of the Dallas Times Herald newspaper, donated 247 acres to the City of Dallas to create a large regional park for all citizens to enjoy. Originally constructed in 1934, the Pergola was the apex of a beautiful formal garden designed by architect Wynne B. Woodruff and funded through the Works Progress Administration. Over the years it was the site for family picnics and special events and was well maintained until the budget cuts of the 1980s when the park fell on hard times and the pergola was removed.

In 2000, Oak Cliff residents began raising money and developing a positive relationship with the City of Dallas and other organizations with the common goal to restore Kiest Park and to rebuild the Pergola. Its reconstruction is worthy of recognition as a byproduct of the neighborhoods’ resolve to replicate missing historic conditions as closely as documentation would allow.

“The unique character of municipal parks is strengthened by the presence of historic architectural features,” said Preservation Texas executive director Evan Thompson.  “We are proud to recognize the commitment to use historic documentation to rebuild what was lost.”

The project team included the City of Dallas and Norman Alston Architects.

Founded in 1985, Preservation Texas is a member-supported non-profit historic preservation advocacy and education organization based in Austin, Texas.  The organization does not receive any government funding.  

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