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Save Lerma’s! Support SA City Council Budget Request

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On August 19, 2015, the City of San Antonio will have an opportunity to consider a request from Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, the non-profit owner of historic Lerma’s Nite Club, for $1,000,000 toward the $2.1 million restoration project.  Lerma’s is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was included on our 2014… More »

Join PT! Our Membership Program Has Changed

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It’s our 30th Anniversary, and to celebrate, our Individual Memberships are now just $30 per year.  There are other ways to contribute, with special benefits for Professional Members, non-profit organizations and more.  Click here to join Preservation Texas.  We are entirely supported by the generosity of our members, and cannot fulfill our mission without you…. More »

PT Supports El Paso Historic Survey

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Preservation Texas urges the City of El Paso to accept the $56,000 matching grant from the Texas Historical Commission to conduct a survey of its historic downtown commercial architecture.   The following editorial appeared in the El Paso Times on June 3, 2015. El Paso can benefit from its historic architecture By Evan R. Thompson… More »

Preservation Wins in Texas Supreme Court

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The Texas Supreme Court has reversed the Court of Appeals for the 5th District of Texas in City of Dallas v. TCI West End, Inc.  In 2006, TCI demolished the MKT Freight Station located in a Dallas historic overlay district without prior approval, and the City of Dallas sought to pursue civil penalties.  The Supreme Court ruled that municipalities may pursue… More »

2015 Most Endangered Places Announced

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PRESERVATION TEXAS ANNOUNCES 12TH ANNUAL LIST OF TEXAS’ MOST ENDANGERED PLACES Sites in Anderson, Dickens, Eastland, El Paso, Falls, Newton, and Tarrant Counties and one statewide category named to the 2015 List AUSTIN, TEXAS.  A landmark African Methodist Episcopal Church, a “poor farm” known for its adobe structures, two sites linked to the heyday of the… More »

Historic Tax Credit for Nonprofits: Support HB 3230

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Download a PDF of this information: HB3230-Support HB 3230 would make it possible for nonprofits to sell the tax credits earned on their qualified historic preservation projects, furthering the purpose of the original law while meeting two goals of the 2010 Statewide Preservation Plan. 1. In 2013, HB 500 created a tax credit against the state franchise tax equivalent… More »

Historic Courthouse Restoration Funding Endangered

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  Falls County Courthouse, Marlin.   Your active engagement with the Texas legislature is needed at this critical time in the budget process. The House Appropriations Subcommittee is recommending $0 for the Historic Courthouse Preservation Program.   It is not too late.  The Senate Finance Committee has yet to make final decisions, and members of… More »

2015 State Legislative Advocacy Agenda

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The Board of Directors of Preservation Texas has approved its 2015 State Legislative Advocacy Agenda.  Additionally, we will monitor other proposed legislation for its impacts on historic preservation in Texas, developing appropriate strategies to raise awareness of important issues throughout the 2015 session. Download a PDF of the legislative agenda here Preservation Texas was chartered… More »

PT Names Urban National Register Districts to Most Endangered List

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PRESERVATION TEXAS CALLS ATTENTION TO ENDANGERED URBAN HISTORIC DISTRICTS DISTRICTS IN DALLAS, AUSTIN AND HOUSTON SPOTLIGHTED DALLAS, TEXAS — Preservation Texas will name Urban National Register Historic Districts to its Texas’ Most Endangered Places list on Wednesday in Dallas, Texas.  This is a direct result of the recent demolition of five historic structures in the Dallas… More »